Thursday, August 24, 2006

Curry Fullness

Hello World!

Im doing my best interpretation of procrastinating and because I have been ignoring my blog but really enjoying reading everyone elses I thought I should get my act into gear (Jane Doe I can hear you saying "and so you should" haha)

Ive had a huge few weeks and besides tidying my sewing room that has been all my sewing haha. HOWEVER I will soon be sewing with a few close friends here which will be sooooooo nice. I plan on sewing but having a really good giggle in the meantime. I honestly keep pinching myself at what really good friends I have made here - I am so lucky and that was reinforced when I attended a hens night a couple of saturdays ago and yes I was a bit fat prude Maverick was just tooooo much for me to handle. He really lost me when he was doing butt flexing pushups - I cant wait to see the video haha.

Now I should actually explain the pic above the girl in red is a friends sister (who is also becoming a friend - go tassie girls haha) she is wearing my first completed dress but as you can see she is 6 foot shorter than me haha - I didnt realise that she was turning up in that dress as I had left it with the sister so they could make a pattern for her but it did really well in the meantime. The girl in the right used the pattern Jane Doe made for me (which I didnt think she would mind :)) haha double chins ANYWAY she made it out of brocade then proceeded to pearl it then made out there sleeves now good on her that is amazing - I did explain that it was peasant gear. The little tacker on the right hand side is the red dresses nephew and a bit of a photo tart but still heaps of fun to dance with. Now ME in the finally completed BLUE DRESS - hooray I have been waiting so long for this moment haha (I can understand why people had given up haha) I still have to put the green on it that Jane Doe picked out but it will happen.

I dont think any explaination is needed with the next pic - we are being very cute not that Im bragging. These pics were taken at the potluck feast and La Petite Ball. We had such an awesome time we danced most of the night which was so much fun. Gareth cooked a goose which I am so embarrassed to admit but the barbarian in me just went OHHHH YUMMY haha.

I dont know if its because I have eaten curry but i feel so content at the moment - Im really sorry that you are getting cramps Jane Doe from crossing your fingers with my job front but hopefully the ball will start rolling as of tomorrow which will mean until we become BHP employees (I so wanna be a BHP employee) young peddles and I will be living in a caravan - hehe it has an ensuite though so I wont be flashing running down to the shower block all the time.....the funniest part is that it doesnt worry me which is so odd, we will have our house back here so we can always return for holidays. The biggest bonus out of all of it though is that we will be together and it will mean in the future we will be set up sooner so we can do the things we want more regularly which will be so nice!

I have to go and pack my bag as I am off to Roxby tomorrow 5.5 hours drive but its all up through the flinders rangers way and I also get to see the Loch Ness Monster australian desert style in one of the lakes on the way - Mum and I had such a giggle at the thought of it tonight!

I promise the people who read this 3 pax (thanks finn for joining the fiora fan club) will all be notified with me jumping up and down screaming with excitment on the phone when I get a job (Im being positive saying "when" rather than "if" - FAKE IT TILL YA MAKE IT!!)

Speak to you all soon!!

Love Fiora xxoo