Monday, March 12, 2007

Proud moment

Well girls I havent achieved everything I wanted but I have fought my demons and achieved some things that Im hugely proud of.........

I finished my SLEEVES - thank you so much to Jane Doe who told me that my original attempt meant that I hadnt attached my sleeves correctly (ie the wrong pairs) now I have a pair of sleeves that have linen on one side and my buttercup yellow on the other. I have been wearing them and they fit perfectly up on top of my shoulders so I wont rip them everytime I move my arm and they are soooooo warm (maybe its roxby haha)

I have also finished Gs undershirt/chemise thingy except for adding sleeves but hopefully that wont take toooo long and I have also finished one of Gs tunics (green one) besides heming the sleeves. I am honestly so proud of myself as it looks really good (just as you dont look too closely haha) Poor G when he got home this morning at 0645 after a twelve hour shift I was already awake waiting for him and I pounced on him to dress him up like my favourite ken doll and the tunic and that actually look really really good - the colour definately suits him. Im leaving decoration for all clothes until last thing its more important to get the other stuff done. So this arvo Im going to rush home and try and get the red one cut out and after we get back from dinner Im going to try and finish a second one.

I was so over sewing yesterday because it was really getting me down that its so close and Ive got so much more to do but I know I can get there with still loving sewing at the end. Ive decided that I want to make that court dress when I get back but I honestly dont know what period or time I want to make. I know it sounds really pathetic but I would like to have matching time and area piece to G for court but at the same time that sounds so boring so I might still go with my venetian I just need to make a decision stick to it and just go for it (story of my life)

Well I should actually get some work done for the day.

I hope my three fav uni nerds are going ok - this whole uni thing really takes up too much time into my gossiping time with you girls......just so you all know haha :)

Love Fiora

Sunday, March 04, 2007

I think Im tired....

Well I have survived my first big week at work and its great. I even got to drive the truck on Saturday which was awesome however Im now officially tired. Yesterday was an absolutely non event but Im absolutely freaked out that festival is so close and we havent done anything in weeks. Gareth bless his cotton socks is being really crap as well as he has figured out that he needs a new helmet before he goes (mind you he has no shield and his sword still isnt fixed - and I really dont want to put up with him freaking out about it all last minute or even worse him not being about to fight cos his gear isnt ready) He assures me that it will all be done when he goes down to adelaide but YEAH RIGHT St Patties day is on that weekend and he loves that day so half his week off will be written off with that and then there is two days of travel. I think I am being a mean girlfriend and I know its mean to diss him but I cant even get him to stand still so I can cut his undershirt to size - after all my rant though he did offer to go over the eyelets of the dark red dress that Jane Doe gave to me so I could also wear that at festival which is really nice but we really dont have enough embroidory thread for that - its official Im horrible haha.

This week I am only working three shifts at the Oasis (at nights) and I will probably not work on Sat morning as I am going to go and get my hair done which will make me feel a whole heap better. So if I am able to size up G's undershirt and then cut out and sew the other two I think I will be happier. My two under dresses are going ok they only need to add the arm length and to hem the arms and the bottom so thats not hard just need a second pair of hands.

Anyway I have to get back into my work so hopefully I will be able to tell you two girls that I have done it next week!!

Love Fiora xx