Thursday, June 22, 2006

Id like to take 3 days annual leave from reality please

Ive decided I would like three days away from reality.....Monday I was screaming for it, Wednesday I would have sold my grandmother for it, now it is Friday I am feeling a quiet sense of fulfilment but a holiday would still be nice haha.

Yesterday we had our first day of double income again - hooray!! I went around and paid all our bills, rent etc and also set up weekly credit card payments so I dont have to worry about it all anymore so we should be looking to start being debt free in 40 weeks (fingers crossed!!!).

So as of Friday I have still not achieved any sewing - TYPICAL!! This Sunday morning if I am not truck driving Peddles and I will have some forced "at home time" so hopefully I should have my blue dress hemmed. I HAVE to go to Port Adelaide Spotlight to get some black and white checky drill for my heraldic dress and tableclothes or else!! So if those two things get done, I will feel as though I have achieved something (small things small minds haha)

Anyway better get back to pretending that I am working haha!!

Love Fiora

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Am I aiming for the stars?????


Today during lunch I made a rough list of things that I want to achieve here goes.....

Sewing things (note the use of bullets rather than number bullets haha)
  • Hem my blue dress
  • work on decoration for both blue & red dress
  • 1 more underskirt
  • make fitting sleeves - I promise I have tried and they just wont work - lucky I have left over hot pink drill from the fooles feast
  • chemises that work - I will actually take my time on these ones....Im sure Im jinxed
  • Aprons
  • 14th C Gard for camping - that means muliptle outfits
  • 1 Viking outfit
  • 1 Roman outfit
  • Heraldic dress
  • Maybe Russian
  • A Venetian Dress - hooray hehe

Non Sewing things that I want to do

  • Collate receipes for medieval receipes
  • Haybox cooking - making a haybox and cooking with it at home
  • Marshalling - would like to become one
  • Setting ourselves up with correct period crockery and cutlery

So am I going to achieve this.....YES. Ive decided its nothing that I cant do and I am willing to put a time schedule to each outfit - with the job I want, I will be working 2 weeks on 1 week off so if I am able to set an outfit to six weeks I think I should be able to do it ask me on the 28th July haha. This six weeks is for finishing off projects that I should have finished and am very slack about.

How do I know if I will get these done in the time frames????? Cos I know if I dont nag myself about it my very favourite friend who reads this would laugh so hard its worth getting it done hehe.

Anyway its 4pm Friday and I should start packing my stuff up so I am more than ready to go at 4.30pm then spin on my chair until its 4.30pm haha. Am going sewing tomorrow at southern garb and gossip and am really looking forward to that!! Will let you know how it goes

Fiora xx

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

I think Im working

Im using this blogger more as a point of "Ive written it down so I have to do it now" for all my projects and goals that I want to do. So if I can actually log back into this tonight (I dont really know how to haha) I will list some of my goals off before I get to go to the Barional meeting - hooray they are so much fun (better then Jerry Springer)