Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Quick Update

Hi my favourite girls!

Well the last few days have been interesting but not very exciting. Chandler still havent given me an answer so Im just not going to worry about it (I can only keep calling twice a day and going to the office in between the calls) so officially they are crap.

On the up side I have been asked if I would like to work in the Smiths Transport Office and when it gets busy go out and help unload and load the trucks and drive them to where they need to be delivered. I know I have said that I dont want to work in an office again however.....It will be full time work (Monday to Friday 8am-4pm) So that isnt too bad and least I will be working with blokes and getting to do stuff besides sitting in an office all day plus by finishing at four means I can still go to the gym after work (or before if Im eager) and when G is on nights I still get to see him as he doesnt leave for work until 550pm.

Today is the day that I go through all our garb - figure out what we have, figure out what I need and figure out what I need to finish. I have decided that after festival Im going to make a court dress. I havent decided what I want yet - any ideas????

I am still getting over the fact that Bella is the realm of venus maker. You would not believe it Babs when I first started out with Italian it was Jane Doe who mentioned that I should look at this site as its awesome with heaps of info. I just cant believe I will get to meet her at one point - do you think she will think Im weird if I ask to look at some of her dresses at some later date?

This sunday night I am having a few friends over to the van and we are going to have a mexican night. Its going to be a late one as we will have it outside (as they wont fit) plus with eating mexican its easier to clean up if its outside. I have been going to the gym each day and feel good for it - I have figured out why I find they gym so boring is because it IS boring for the mind. But oh well its doing good for my body haha.

Anyway will sign off and catch you girls at another point.

Love Fiora xx

Monday, February 12, 2007

All is calm again!

Well I have finally come to the conclusion that I cannot rush Chandler so I have decided to put all my energy into getting some sewing done. I so wish I could transfer pics onto this blog as you girls would laugh so hard at my sewing setup in the van.....even G laughs when he gets home.

However like Jane Doe last night was a bit of a busy sewing night........Thanks to Babs and her explaining Key Hole necklines I made my first chemise for G yesterday with the Key Hole neckline......AND IT WORKED!! I have made myself a template so that will make things easier. I havent figured out how to easily cut out the hole in the chemise (so it matches the template - I managed to trim the facing a little when I did it yesterday oops) but I will get there. Now dont fall off your chair Babs but I managed to also sew together my cloak. The only part I stuffed up is that I attached the hood before I hemmed the opening of my cloak so that will look a little funny.....yes I know I could take it off and redo it but really haha. I have also decided that once I line it around the edges I might redo it but in the meantime its ready for festival (besides hemming the bottom but that wont take long)

So Im feeling quite proud of myself at this moment. I am going to finish those two off today and start on two woolen tunic for Gareth. We have one red one and a bluey but more greenish wool. We decided that we are going to decorate the red one with a strip around the neckline and the hem with the black wool. I havent decided what Im going to do with the green one.

I am also going to sew together my Italian arms. So then after work tonight I can fiddle with pinning of the two sleeves together....Im not looking forward to that part - one day I will master the sleeve...mwha hahaha

I hope you girls are well!

Love Bronwyn

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Bronwyn is CRANKY!!

Ok so I am finally cracking the shits today - Im so hard core

It is now finally bugging me - I look very much forward to every second friday as its the G bangers pay day (mine is so pathetic its not worth getting excited about haha). So his pay has been coming through early as in on Thursday so I was all ready to pay off and close another credit card and his work has only paid him for one week instead of two. While it still doesnt ruin all my fun I can still close it off it just gives me the shits cos he wont find out till tonight then he will ask them tomorrow then we wont get paid for another few days after the weekend etc etc.

Just to shock you all Im really not angry about that - stuff like that happens Im really actually angry that chandler havent called me back yet. I did another two hour shift last night......while I dont really care as G was home and I was working directly with my manager (and she bores me with patheticness) Im really hanging out for them to call. Yes its probably a bit to desperately I know but its just like "arrrrrghhhhhh"

So I am going to go to the gym this arvo to go and chant call me while I go for a jog then onto the rowing machine......wish me luck!!!

Cant wait to eat icecream tonight haha

I hope you are all having a much better day!!

Love to you all!!
PS thanks for listening :)