Wednesday, September 26, 2007

As promised about my little black dress

Hey Girls

As I mentioned in my livejournal I wanted to talk about "my little black dress". Now as you all know I am hopeless at researching so all I have looked at is Bellas Realm of Venus website and found pretty dresses from there. I really hope Bella doesnt mind if I link her site to these (I have so much respect for this woman and I hope she finds it more of a compliment then stealing her stuff)

Here goes - this is the links to the pretty dresses I like: - I really dig this dress. Now I am definately not for putting a big lady in a bright floral dress but I like the cut and definately the neck thing she has going on. I dont ever want one but how classic is her hand bag lol - this looks reall hard but I really really like this one - I like how this one is very sharpe and clean. This one (I think) is probably within my sewing skill reach however I dont know if the brocade would be ok with this one or if Ill have to buy some more material (damn shame) but I still like the one before it more - I dont know if this is going to make me look as big as she looks in it though but I really like the white around the neck - Babs really likes the black work in this dress but there is no way I have the skills to pull that off. - I really like this one for a more casual occasion. There is a lady in Polit who I really respect (I havent spoken to her but Ive decided that she is awesome) and she looks really good in this day I will get the courage to ask. - off topic but I really like her coat

I think thats a pretty good start anyway. I do realise I can find a dress in any colour and go from there but it would be kinda nice if I could say "this is where I got the dress from"

Any ideas girls

Love BJM

Monday, September 17, 2007

material question

Hey Everybody

Does anyone know a website that sells material? I am looking for wool and linen. If anyone can help I would be most appreciative!!!

Love BJM

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Mondays rock

Well girls,

Thank you again for the inspiration - im very excited at the look JD pointed me towards. I also managed to get a squiz into and I managed to find a dress that I also really like...... (THANKS BELLA for all your work on that website - I hope you dont mind me putting your web address up?!?)

As JD advised I am going to do it as a long term job (not complete until I am the size I want) but next festival I am hoping to have a "raunchy italian" wardrobe cos I think that will be fun (but im still packing my viking for the cold nights haha - yes I am a woose)

Anyway have to sounds so pathetic but I have to go and wash my hair haha

Love to you all

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

I need some inspiration

I cant decide what I am going to make next......any help people??

:) BJM

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Ok i got over it

Hi Girls

Well I think I am in the clear and over my tanty about the world. It was actually the g banger that bought it to my attention but by adjusting 1 thing in my life I have managed to go from crying and being overly sensitive at everything to back to normal again. I have to admit that I was really getting concerned that all this crying was normal but ITS NOT PEOPLE. So I know how my normal outlook of life (which entails if someone is having a go at me whether it be work, out for dinner etc I know just look at them after being polite and think "fcuk you" and leave the situation). And as my mother would tell you, I have no poker face haha.

So with all my clear headiness Ive started feeling the urge to sew again. Ive decided that Im going to help work on the g bangers stuff. As JD will be able to verify I have spoken to her about the gambison about six months ago now so my six month procrastination time is now up so I have to start figuring out what and how I am going to "help" out. He has got a pattern from a book but I think I am just going to have to buy heaps of really cheap material and practise till it fits. I so dont understand how it all goes together but Im going to make it bigger then go smaller. So fingers crossed haha!!

Love to you all

Wednesday, April 25, 2007


Hi World,

Just an update. Have not done a thing sewing wise since we have come back from festival except look for a piece of wool that I am sure I still have...its driving me nuts - how can you looose something in a van for petes sake. The G banger has big plans but I honestly cant get off my ass to help.....actually I went to Whyalla Spotlight I think I deserve brownie points for going to that crap place haha.

Was going to write whats been going on in my life lately but after reading some really crap livejournals about how others are feeling it made me screw up my nose and think "oh I can just deal with this myself"

I hope you are all going well! Im looking forward to catching up with you all soon

Love Fiora xxoo

Monday, March 12, 2007

Proud moment

Well girls I havent achieved everything I wanted but I have fought my demons and achieved some things that Im hugely proud of.........

I finished my SLEEVES - thank you so much to Jane Doe who told me that my original attempt meant that I hadnt attached my sleeves correctly (ie the wrong pairs) now I have a pair of sleeves that have linen on one side and my buttercup yellow on the other. I have been wearing them and they fit perfectly up on top of my shoulders so I wont rip them everytime I move my arm and they are soooooo warm (maybe its roxby haha)

I have also finished Gs undershirt/chemise thingy except for adding sleeves but hopefully that wont take toooo long and I have also finished one of Gs tunics (green one) besides heming the sleeves. I am honestly so proud of myself as it looks really good (just as you dont look too closely haha) Poor G when he got home this morning at 0645 after a twelve hour shift I was already awake waiting for him and I pounced on him to dress him up like my favourite ken doll and the tunic and that actually look really really good - the colour definately suits him. Im leaving decoration for all clothes until last thing its more important to get the other stuff done. So this arvo Im going to rush home and try and get the red one cut out and after we get back from dinner Im going to try and finish a second one.

I was so over sewing yesterday because it was really getting me down that its so close and Ive got so much more to do but I know I can get there with still loving sewing at the end. Ive decided that I want to make that court dress when I get back but I honestly dont know what period or time I want to make. I know it sounds really pathetic but I would like to have matching time and area piece to G for court but at the same time that sounds so boring so I might still go with my venetian I just need to make a decision stick to it and just go for it (story of my life)

Well I should actually get some work done for the day.

I hope my three fav uni nerds are going ok - this whole uni thing really takes up too much time into my gossiping time with you girls......just so you all know haha :)

Love Fiora

Sunday, March 04, 2007

I think Im tired....

Well I have survived my first big week at work and its great. I even got to drive the truck on Saturday which was awesome however Im now officially tired. Yesterday was an absolutely non event but Im absolutely freaked out that festival is so close and we havent done anything in weeks. Gareth bless his cotton socks is being really crap as well as he has figured out that he needs a new helmet before he goes (mind you he has no shield and his sword still isnt fixed - and I really dont want to put up with him freaking out about it all last minute or even worse him not being about to fight cos his gear isnt ready) He assures me that it will all be done when he goes down to adelaide but YEAH RIGHT St Patties day is on that weekend and he loves that day so half his week off will be written off with that and then there is two days of travel. I think I am being a mean girlfriend and I know its mean to diss him but I cant even get him to stand still so I can cut his undershirt to size - after all my rant though he did offer to go over the eyelets of the dark red dress that Jane Doe gave to me so I could also wear that at festival which is really nice but we really dont have enough embroidory thread for that - its official Im horrible haha.

This week I am only working three shifts at the Oasis (at nights) and I will probably not work on Sat morning as I am going to go and get my hair done which will make me feel a whole heap better. So if I am able to size up G's undershirt and then cut out and sew the other two I think I will be happier. My two under dresses are going ok they only need to add the arm length and to hem the arms and the bottom so thats not hard just need a second pair of hands.

Anyway I have to get back into my work so hopefully I will be able to tell you two girls that I have done it next week!!

Love Fiora xx

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Quick Update

Hi my favourite girls!

Well the last few days have been interesting but not very exciting. Chandler still havent given me an answer so Im just not going to worry about it (I can only keep calling twice a day and going to the office in between the calls) so officially they are crap.

On the up side I have been asked if I would like to work in the Smiths Transport Office and when it gets busy go out and help unload and load the trucks and drive them to where they need to be delivered. I know I have said that I dont want to work in an office again however.....It will be full time work (Monday to Friday 8am-4pm) So that isnt too bad and least I will be working with blokes and getting to do stuff besides sitting in an office all day plus by finishing at four means I can still go to the gym after work (or before if Im eager) and when G is on nights I still get to see him as he doesnt leave for work until 550pm.

Today is the day that I go through all our garb - figure out what we have, figure out what I need and figure out what I need to finish. I have decided that after festival Im going to make a court dress. I havent decided what I want yet - any ideas????

I am still getting over the fact that Bella is the realm of venus maker. You would not believe it Babs when I first started out with Italian it was Jane Doe who mentioned that I should look at this site as its awesome with heaps of info. I just cant believe I will get to meet her at one point - do you think she will think Im weird if I ask to look at some of her dresses at some later date?

This sunday night I am having a few friends over to the van and we are going to have a mexican night. Its going to be a late one as we will have it outside (as they wont fit) plus with eating mexican its easier to clean up if its outside. I have been going to the gym each day and feel good for it - I have figured out why I find they gym so boring is because it IS boring for the mind. But oh well its doing good for my body haha.

Anyway will sign off and catch you girls at another point.

Love Fiora xx

Monday, February 12, 2007

All is calm again!

Well I have finally come to the conclusion that I cannot rush Chandler so I have decided to put all my energy into getting some sewing done. I so wish I could transfer pics onto this blog as you girls would laugh so hard at my sewing setup in the van.....even G laughs when he gets home.

However like Jane Doe last night was a bit of a busy sewing night........Thanks to Babs and her explaining Key Hole necklines I made my first chemise for G yesterday with the Key Hole neckline......AND IT WORKED!! I have made myself a template so that will make things easier. I havent figured out how to easily cut out the hole in the chemise (so it matches the template - I managed to trim the facing a little when I did it yesterday oops) but I will get there. Now dont fall off your chair Babs but I managed to also sew together my cloak. The only part I stuffed up is that I attached the hood before I hemmed the opening of my cloak so that will look a little funny.....yes I know I could take it off and redo it but really haha. I have also decided that once I line it around the edges I might redo it but in the meantime its ready for festival (besides hemming the bottom but that wont take long)

So Im feeling quite proud of myself at this moment. I am going to finish those two off today and start on two woolen tunic for Gareth. We have one red one and a bluey but more greenish wool. We decided that we are going to decorate the red one with a strip around the neckline and the hem with the black wool. I havent decided what Im going to do with the green one.

I am also going to sew together my Italian arms. So then after work tonight I can fiddle with pinning of the two sleeves together....Im not looking forward to that part - one day I will master the sleeve...mwha hahaha

I hope you girls are well!

Love Bronwyn

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Bronwyn is CRANKY!!

Ok so I am finally cracking the shits today - Im so hard core

It is now finally bugging me - I look very much forward to every second friday as its the G bangers pay day (mine is so pathetic its not worth getting excited about haha). So his pay has been coming through early as in on Thursday so I was all ready to pay off and close another credit card and his work has only paid him for one week instead of two. While it still doesnt ruin all my fun I can still close it off it just gives me the shits cos he wont find out till tonight then he will ask them tomorrow then we wont get paid for another few days after the weekend etc etc.

Just to shock you all Im really not angry about that - stuff like that happens Im really actually angry that chandler havent called me back yet. I did another two hour shift last night......while I dont really care as G was home and I was working directly with my manager (and she bores me with patheticness) Im really hanging out for them to call. Yes its probably a bit to desperately I know but its just like "arrrrrghhhhhh"

So I am going to go to the gym this arvo to go and chant call me while I go for a jog then onto the rowing machine......wish me luck!!!

Cant wait to eat icecream tonight haha

I hope you are all having a much better day!!

Love to you all!!
PS thanks for listening :)

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Day off

Hi Mum if you have found this site yet!?!?!?!

Well today is day three of me learning the gentil art of fighting with sticks and shields......I am suprised to admit that my sword arm hurts less than I thought it would - it still hurties though hehe.

This year I havent been able to stop smiling.......I am getting my sewing under control, I have been learning how to make chain mail, Im learning how to fight (its for double reasons i) to give peddles a training partner ii) to tone up my arms and boobs haha) it is definately not so I go and fight in tournies or wars cos getting hurt is so overrated haha. The G banger has asked if I would get authorised and I think I will as I think that is a nice thing to do and he also wants to make me armour (the mention of chain mail and fur armour was mentioned....dirty old man syndrome) and I am more than happy to fight him properly as he wouldnt do it to hurt me or to prove a point but I have absolutely no desire to fight others (which will probably mean I never get authorised) but its the thought that counts. And out of everything I am trying more things with my cooking........Hold onto your computer desk as I used chili in my stir fry last night

For some reason I have stopped saying "I so couldnt do that"and am now trying it. I am definately not up to the standards of sewing that I want to be but that will come with practise and I am enjoying the learning process - I cant wait for this weekends "extreme sewing" I have also lost a couple more kilos and am finding I am not eating to cope anymore. I have to admit though I dont know whether to hate or love my brother for introducing me to smoothies - apparently they are ok but I am so not caring cos mango smoothies rock!!

Tonight peddles and I are going to drive to Andamoka (no one can spell it properly) for dinner it is about 25ks from Roxby so that will be really nice. It is an opal town and apparently it looks like the moon as people keep digging holes everywhere and nobody fills them up - will take a pic and try and put it on the computer!

I hope I dont jinx it for him but peddles bhp job application seems to be coming through nicely. Im hoping that if I get the chandler job at the core farm we will work the same days on so we will see each other more as currently (and this sounds strange) but we dont see each other much.

Well computer time is up so will have to love and leave you all - I hope everyone is going ok and look forward to catching you all on the phone sometime!!

Love to you all


Sunday, January 28, 2007

Quick update

Hello world!

Just a quick not to ask everyone to please cross their fingers for me as I have an interview tomorrow with chandler mcleod. Its only a reference check and get to know me before they are able to send my resume through to bhp for a job at the core farm. This job is not the most pleasant but should be a good challenge and a way in. I cannot believe I have finally got chandlers attention (to tell you the truth I think the receptionist is sick of me harassing her). So hopefully with all things panning out I should have two interviews this week one with a trucking company to drive to Port Augusta and back each day (about a ten hour day) and this one with chandler. I have left a note again with Boarts as they havent got back yet (slackers) so hopefully I have sacrificed enough goats to please everyone.

I have been doing some chain mailing which has been suprising me as I have been enjoying the bending and cutting of wire way too much haha.

Well I am off home now to do some organising of material (will bring the badly cut pants babs for you to check out but I personally think they are really wrong)

Love Bronwyn

Monday, January 15, 2007

I had the BEST time!

So I didnt get to do the EXTREME sewing that I was hoping for (due to suprise suprise my procrastination) BUT I did get to buy $400.00 worth of wool and linen (bad bad bronwyn haha)

Babs helped and guided me into the happy world of cloak making. I picked up 4.6metres of black fabric (no one knows in the dark that its not dark blue haha) and we were left with heaps so I will probably make the G banger a tunic out of that. I also picked up some white linen for chemises and G wants two metres of that. I picked up a beautiful bluey grey linen for an under dress for my viking and managed to cut that out at Babs. Speaking of the G banger he has decided that he really wants to do tudor........I am happy for him but I also know that his procrastination levels are worse than mine so I have stood my ground and said that until I am a better sewererer I will only be making him basic viking (six hours in the confined space of a car can make a man agree to anything). Once I know I am getting better at the basic things AND that we have enough garb to go to festival without having to wip anything else up I will then go onto the more involved things. Im really enjoying learning the tricks of how to maximise the fabric and tricks of putting things together that I am slowly getting there. (I hope anyway - well there is one positive Babs gets heaps of laughs out of it haha)

So we have been finding that the more times we go back to Ade the more friends are demanding our time.......which is lovely but there is only so much time in the day. Our lovely friends are very understanding if we dont make it but I (G was there ages ago) am getting to the point where I wont be telling certain friends when we come down because I just dont like the grief that goes with it. The worst part is these certain friends (and I know I am bad to put in boxes) are just above aquaintances and they are actually getting really nasty about it all. It was so different going to Syd as people understood that we couldnt make it to everyone - look out festival for those people haha :P

We are going to head down again in three weekends time for extreme sewing with Babs, Michelle and I. Im really looking forward to just hanging with these two as they always have some good mischief for me to get into hehe. I am cat sitting this weekend so Ill be staying at a friends house up here who has........A KITCHEN TABLE haha (life in a caravan there just isnt room) so I am going to sew my cloak together and cut out some chemises for my italian, viking and hopefully put together some decoration for my blue italian (which is the blue I made my viking underdress with as I really like that colour) Oh and dont forget the sleeves!!

I have offered my services to the fighters to be water bearer as there is no way I can be a marshal in training. G is very insistant that all female water bearers have to wear white.....he is slotting into the dirty old man category very well.

Miss Jane Doe I know you wont really be thinking about festival for a while but I was thinking that would like to do a couple hour shift with me on the welcoming desk (at night of course) at festival????? I thought that way we could catch up on serious gossip and I could see your pics?? If you dont find this post I will harass you in other shapes and forms and if it isnt a good idea I will trap your attention in another way :)

Anyway I have to go and be domesticated. I have spent all day on a forklift in the sun and in the dirt so I have to go and do food shopping and get ready for work tonight - boring!!

Love to you all


Tuesday, January 09, 2007

I get to go material shopping!!!

Hello World!

Im sorry I have been hugely slack to everyone.......Its really hard getting all emails read, banking done and having time for the blogger in the half hour library internet time.

I managed to make it across to Sydney before Christmas......Im sorry we missed a few friends - it was awesome catching up with the others!

We are heading down to Adelaide this weekend which is awesome (much needed sanity check) and we are going to stay with some good friends and catch up with others. There is a tourney on Saturday night which everyones favourite Knight Marshall is running. And I get to stay with the KM and her Dai man haha.

Im going to go fabric shopping Saturday morning - HOORAY!!! I have to buy some wool for a cloak (viking jacket) and I also have to buy linen to make some more chemises and under dresses.

I CANT WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!! It is so obvious I need to go shopping more often but the choices of 5 shops in Roxby just doesnt cut it haha.

Will try and update again soon and as this is a sewing blog I thought I should mention - I HAVE BEEN PRACTISING MY HAND SEWING......dont all fall over in shock! I have a lot more practising to go but Im getting there!

Love to you all

Fiora xx