Sunday, June 03, 2007

Mondays rock

Well girls,

Thank you again for the inspiration - im very excited at the look JD pointed me towards. I also managed to get a squiz into and I managed to find a dress that I also really like...... (THANKS BELLA for all your work on that website - I hope you dont mind me putting your web address up?!?)

As JD advised I am going to do it as a long term job (not complete until I am the size I want) but next festival I am hoping to have a "raunchy italian" wardrobe cos I think that will be fun (but im still packing my viking for the cold nights haha - yes I am a woose)

Anyway have to sounds so pathetic but I have to go and wash my hair haha

Love to you all

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Anonymous said...

I finally managed to google you! I figured you must be posting here as there is nothing on your LJ....I've worked it out, you just like to see what everyone else is up to, not tell us what your doing!
See you soon!


yeah forgot who I am on blogger so it's back to anon.