Sunday, October 15, 2006

Pants....I love pants

Well fan club you are not going to believe it - I have almost finished my viking outfit. I just have to adjust my handles after I do the top hem (as I had to take it in at the front and back - cos I lost 12 kilos from morning tea to after fighter practise yesterday.....not really I think I just stretched it getting over my juhungers) Then its done (Oh I have to hem the bottom of my apron but thats another job for me peddles and the esky).

I am also going to push the mark and say......Im also going to cut my roman out tonight and draw the lines where I need to sew so I can do that in Roxby.

The most exciting thing of all though.....I HAVE GOT THE KNACK OF MAKING PANTS - HOORAY!! I managed to whip up two pairs last night (not including cutting I did that at fighter practise on the back of Ferret's armour bag) So I now have two new sexy pairs of pj pants haha. I am going to make some pants for festival (to go under the viking to keep me warm) and maybe if I like Peddles I will make some for him haha.

Im so excited haha

Love Fiora

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Im gonna do it damnit!!

As you could all imagine - I didnt get back on the horse the other night.....Im going to have to name my sewing machine, I think along the lines of a very common 1960's womans name so everytime I make a boo boo I can say some stupid 1960s comment rather than saying something rude like the trucking woman thats within.

Ok so here is my sewing list from last time - I am blueing the things I have done:

Hem my blue dress
work on decoration for both blue & red dress
1 more underskirt
make fitting sleeves - I promise I have tried and they just wont work - lucky I have left over hot pink drill from the fooles feast - this is half blue as one of the girls here helped fit a sleeve for me
chemises that work - I will actually take my time on these ones....Im sure Im jinxed Ok so I havent made them but I have the easy pattern to make them now and I should complete one tonight
Aprons - attempted - they officially stink
14th C Gard for camping - that means muliptle outfits - just gonna go with roman
1 Viking outfit - Ok so hopefully I dont jinx myself
1 Roman outfit - gonna make it this week
Heraldic dress - made the design
Maybe Russian - researched it - ie looked at babs and went ohhhh thats so pretty
A Venetian Dress - hooray hehe - michelle said she would just lend me hers haha

So have I actually done much - NO but thats ok it kinda looks good on paper. I am doing that stuff tonight as in finish the blue and white tunic then thursday night if babs is up for it we might go material shopping for the roman and if I see any wool or linen to make more roman as we dont plan on coming back to civilisation for a few months now (around dec/jan) so I wont have the access to material shops so that should be heaps of fun!!

Anyway have to get back to pretending that I work

Love to you all!


Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Unpicker 3, Fiora 0, Babs the Saint

So we managed to do what I said we would do (ie cut things out)....then I think I got a little toooo adventurous - I tried to sew it together. Babs was amazing and got majority of the thing together all I had to do was attach some length to the sleeves by sewing two bits of material together, then I had to add the triangly bits at the bottom....thats where it went bad

1 for unpicker - both sleeves I attached the incorrect way so had to unpick both of them then resew them

2 then once babs had put the sleeves in the correct way I then proceeded to sew three bits of material together instead of two....more unpicking.

3 I managed to put 3 seams in correctly for the triangly bits then on the fourth I broke the needle cos I was toooo lazy to move the pins a bit out of the way.

At that point I asked was it time to give up tonight (ie it was 11pm) and magic to my ears Babs said yes. I also went on to ask if I had tested our friendship - im just glad she has got to the point where she laughs at me as she knows how useless I am haha!

So I am going to hop back up on that machine tonight and get that last part done then I am going to move onto the chemise (which is cut out but just laughing at me knowing how much I will have to sew and resew that one haha.

Thought you all might find my story amusing at this hour of the morning!

Love Fiora