Thursday, October 22, 2009

no exercise today

starting to feel the good effects of what ive done so far but tonight I couldnt fit it in as I went to finalise our menu for our wedding dinner!!!!! Yummo, Im hoping my vego meals will be even better than what we have already!

I have the option of going to Jam class tomorrow night or going and meeting friends for dinner for a sanity catch up. Ill access it all tomorrow xx

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Tone and sculpt class does not equal easy

So today is my RDO and I thought I should help out with some painting as the G has been doing it all. I went to Body Attack class today at 915 and thought I should stay for 45 mins longer and do tone and sculpt. All I can say is WOW I thought it would be simple but it was intense. It was more of tummy butts and thighs and wow did she make us work!!

I really want to go to the pump class tonight and there is a Jam class before (dance) Im knackered at the moment but I think its really important to drag my ass there when I can especially as pump is weights. All I can do is try!

Food has been good today but I also got up 1.5 hours later than usual. Nothing exciting has happened so far today except me wishing I had a day!!

So what is it with peanut butter???

So I went to my second class today which was body combat. Good class! My abs were the only body part that hurt today so I was pretty proud of that effort as I didnt think Id be able to walk lol.

Food was much better today, Im still getting caught with extra calories in quick snacks that I just quickly grab. Will have to still try and see if eating dinner around 4pm is a better option then going to training at 630 rather than trying to scoff something down at 745-8pm as I try to get to bed around 9pm as I get up at 330am (not the best time of the day for sure!)

So I wanted to quickly touch on how smells can affect me (this is not scientifically proven or anything) where I deliver to I go past a lot of good and bad smell places. Eg there is tiptop bakery near our work and I drive through the waff or baking bread smell regularly. We also deliver to the transport mob for Maccas and their place smells like food is cooking even though its not and one that also gets me is a wok place that you can smell stirfrys - Yum. This as you can imagine drives me nuts but I had the best smell experience today when I drive up the parade with my truck window down and I could actually smell the roses!!! Today was a really gorgeous day but after not stopping at any of those places it felt like kinda being a reward for being good.

Talk tomorrow xx

Monday, October 19, 2009

Skinny people scare me

but I want to become one of those scary people!

So I am back on the horse or the gym so to speak, I joined to noarlunga centre. Nice place and classes are on regularly. Im doing the classes and pool package.

So after not doing any exercise for a month except the other day where I did 50 squats and 50 sit ups and could hardly walk for two days afterwards I still thought I was looking kinda ok. Halfway through the body attack class (which was awesome and I survived) I finally looked in the huge mirror in front and realised that I didnt look as great as I thought I did and in fact I could easily be a contestant on the biggest loser. Now as you could imagine that really sadened me and normally that would send me straight to the icecream but it actually gave me more determination to get into it. I was by far the heaviest woman there today however I wasnt the most unfit which made me laugh.

So its all about the calories Ive decided so Im onto it. For tomorrow Ive packed my swimmers so I can see how I go with finishing work early enough to make it for a swim before the class.

Its too late to write anymore but Ill continue on tomorrow xx

Sunday, January 13, 2008

BJM has been inspired

Hi Girls,

Yes shock horror Im into sewing again (not that I can achieve much being up here but the clogs are a ticking)

So my inspiration:

I loved it and her!! I had a few emails with Realm of Venus and she has been awesome. I asked her whether she thought it was more of "a dressing gown type thingy" and her take on it was that she regarded it more as that (or bedroom wear), while others seem to think you can also wear it over your Venetian dress. I think if I was to make it though, I would want to wear it at home all the time not just at camping events haha. Im going to have to research it more but Im thinking that it might be a nice way to ease into Venetian by starting with the easier bits first (famous last words I know).

I have just looked though some pictures from Coronation and there is four girls there wearing Roman and they look hot as! I dont know enough about Roman but I loved the blue one. I know that that statement wont be a suprise to most of my friends lol.

So anyway how is everyone else going with their sewing ideas??

Love BJM xx

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

As promised about my little black dress

Hey Girls

As I mentioned in my livejournal I wanted to talk about "my little black dress". Now as you all know I am hopeless at researching so all I have looked at is Bellas Realm of Venus website and found pretty dresses from there. I really hope Bella doesnt mind if I link her site to these (I have so much respect for this woman and I hope she finds it more of a compliment then stealing her stuff)

Here goes - this is the links to the pretty dresses I like: - I really dig this dress. Now I am definately not for putting a big lady in a bright floral dress but I like the cut and definately the neck thing she has going on. I dont ever want one but how classic is her hand bag lol - this looks reall hard but I really really like this one - I like how this one is very sharpe and clean. This one (I think) is probably within my sewing skill reach however I dont know if the brocade would be ok with this one or if Ill have to buy some more material (damn shame) but I still like the one before it more - I dont know if this is going to make me look as big as she looks in it though but I really like the white around the neck - Babs really likes the black work in this dress but there is no way I have the skills to pull that off. - I really like this one for a more casual occasion. There is a lady in Polit who I really respect (I havent spoken to her but Ive decided that she is awesome) and she looks really good in this day I will get the courage to ask. - off topic but I really like her coat

I think thats a pretty good start anyway. I do realise I can find a dress in any colour and go from there but it would be kinda nice if I could say "this is where I got the dress from"

Any ideas girls

Love BJM

Monday, September 17, 2007

material question

Hey Everybody

Does anyone know a website that sells material? I am looking for wool and linen. If anyone can help I would be most appreciative!!!

Love BJM

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Mondays rock

Well girls,

Thank you again for the inspiration - im very excited at the look JD pointed me towards. I also managed to get a squiz into and I managed to find a dress that I also really like...... (THANKS BELLA for all your work on that website - I hope you dont mind me putting your web address up?!?)

As JD advised I am going to do it as a long term job (not complete until I am the size I want) but next festival I am hoping to have a "raunchy italian" wardrobe cos I think that will be fun (but im still packing my viking for the cold nights haha - yes I am a woose)

Anyway have to sounds so pathetic but I have to go and wash my hair haha

Love to you all