Sunday, January 13, 2008

BJM has been inspired

Hi Girls,

Yes shock horror Im into sewing again (not that I can achieve much being up here but the clogs are a ticking)

So my inspiration:

I loved it and her!! I had a few emails with Realm of Venus and she has been awesome. I asked her whether she thought it was more of "a dressing gown type thingy" and her take on it was that she regarded it more as that (or bedroom wear), while others seem to think you can also wear it over your Venetian dress. I think if I was to make it though, I would want to wear it at home all the time not just at camping events haha. Im going to have to research it more but Im thinking that it might be a nice way to ease into Venetian by starting with the easier bits first (famous last words I know).

I have just looked though some pictures from Coronation and there is four girls there wearing Roman and they look hot as! I dont know enough about Roman but I loved the blue one. I know that that statement wont be a suprise to most of my friends lol.

So anyway how is everyone else going with their sewing ideas??

Love BJM xx