Wednesday, September 26, 2007

As promised about my little black dress

Hey Girls

As I mentioned in my livejournal I wanted to talk about "my little black dress". Now as you all know I am hopeless at researching so all I have looked at is Bellas Realm of Venus website and found pretty dresses from there. I really hope Bella doesnt mind if I link her site to these (I have so much respect for this woman and I hope she finds it more of a compliment then stealing her stuff)

Here goes - this is the links to the pretty dresses I like: - I really dig this dress. Now I am definately not for putting a big lady in a bright floral dress but I like the cut and definately the neck thing she has going on. I dont ever want one but how classic is her hand bag lol - this looks reall hard but I really really like this one - I like how this one is very sharpe and clean. This one (I think) is probably within my sewing skill reach however I dont know if the brocade would be ok with this one or if Ill have to buy some more material (damn shame) but I still like the one before it more - I dont know if this is going to make me look as big as she looks in it though but I really like the white around the neck - Babs really likes the black work in this dress but there is no way I have the skills to pull that off. - I really like this one for a more casual occasion. There is a lady in Polit who I really respect (I havent spoken to her but Ive decided that she is awesome) and she looks really good in this day I will get the courage to ask. - off topic but I really like her coat

I think thats a pretty good start anyway. I do realise I can find a dress in any colour and go from there but it would be kinda nice if I could say "this is where I got the dress from"

Any ideas girls

Love BJM

Monday, September 17, 2007

material question

Hey Everybody

Does anyone know a website that sells material? I am looking for wool and linen. If anyone can help I would be most appreciative!!!

Love BJM