Wednesday, September 26, 2007

As promised about my little black dress

Hey Girls

As I mentioned in my livejournal I wanted to talk about "my little black dress". Now as you all know I am hopeless at researching so all I have looked at is Bellas Realm of Venus website and found pretty dresses from there. I really hope Bella doesnt mind if I link her site to these (I have so much respect for this woman and I hope she finds it more of a compliment then stealing her stuff)

Here goes - this is the links to the pretty dresses I like: - I really dig this dress. Now I am definately not for putting a big lady in a bright floral dress but I like the cut and definately the neck thing she has going on. I dont ever want one but how classic is her hand bag lol - this looks reall hard but I really really like this one - I like how this one is very sharpe and clean. This one (I think) is probably within my sewing skill reach however I dont know if the brocade would be ok with this one or if Ill have to buy some more material (damn shame) but I still like the one before it more - I dont know if this is going to make me look as big as she looks in it though but I really like the white around the neck - Babs really likes the black work in this dress but there is no way I have the skills to pull that off. - I really like this one for a more casual occasion. There is a lady in Polit who I really respect (I havent spoken to her but Ive decided that she is awesome) and she looks really good in this day I will get the courage to ask. - off topic but I really like her coat

I think thats a pretty good start anyway. I do realise I can find a dress in any colour and go from there but it would be kinda nice if I could say "this is where I got the dress from"

Any ideas girls

Love BJM


Anonymous said...

the sleeves are a bitch but am pretty sure similar to babs's

Wenchilada said...

I like number three. And I also like the one with the bitchy blackwork. You could possibly adapt an easier pattern for the blackwork and it really isn't *that* difficult, at least with an easier pattern you could have some fun learning.

Or you could just ask me and I could add it to my list of projects and things to keep me entertained in Beijing... Just so long as you don't need it right away or anything...

JD said...

All of those are within your sewing capabilities, Bronny. Don't sell yourself short.

If you can find one, all you really need is an Agnes (read: dress dummy) and make up versions of the dress in cheap fabric first (toile) and just keep tweaking it until it looks like the portrait. That's what M. Hunydd and I do, anyway!

Another alternative is we can have a sewing weekend, or something, if you're over for Christmas... :D

Fiora said...

who is anonymous sorry??

Sair bear there is no rush on this dress.....I know how handy you are with a needle so I might put you to work :). We can talk about it when I get over there sometime

Miss Charlie that is a really good idea with using cheap material but that would mean I have to actually sew TWO things lol. We plan on coming over to see PSP before they leave its definately a long term project but there is an end point!

Thanks for all your help girls xx

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure who anonymous is either (maybe Dai?), I had no problems with sleeves, in either of my gowns, actually found them easy,it's the cartridge pleating of waists that does my head in, yet I like hemming, even with the amount of fabric in both of my gowns (they both have trains).

Bron which gown do you like, because they are all doable even the coat, (I have a coat, I'll finish it one just needs buttons). If you need any help let me know when your available, and coming down and I'll organise Bella, to come and draft your bodice pattern (she's really good at this) mine was done in under an hour and I was cutting out the gown in the real fabric, from there it's all very simple, until the sleeves, which all depend on the style, but the ones with the tabby bits at the top are really easy.