Monday, October 19, 2009

Skinny people scare me

but I want to become one of those scary people!

So I am back on the horse or the gym so to speak, I joined to noarlunga centre. Nice place and classes are on regularly. Im doing the classes and pool package.

So after not doing any exercise for a month except the other day where I did 50 squats and 50 sit ups and could hardly walk for two days afterwards I still thought I was looking kinda ok. Halfway through the body attack class (which was awesome and I survived) I finally looked in the huge mirror in front and realised that I didnt look as great as I thought I did and in fact I could easily be a contestant on the biggest loser. Now as you could imagine that really sadened me and normally that would send me straight to the icecream but it actually gave me more determination to get into it. I was by far the heaviest woman there today however I wasnt the most unfit which made me laugh.

So its all about the calories Ive decided so Im onto it. For tomorrow Ive packed my swimmers so I can see how I go with finishing work early enough to make it for a swim before the class.

Its too late to write anymore but Ill continue on tomorrow xx

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